Vuse pods

This product is small, weighs almost nothing, and it's perfect for on-the-go vapers who prefer pocket-size devices. This device uses closed-off Vuse Alto podsso there is no way to refill them.

Vuse Alto- Pod Mod review

The good news is that there are four flavors being sold currently. When it comes to vaping, this device has a tight draw and no visible airflow slots. It feels, in a lot of ways, like puffing on a cigarette, which is the effect that most people are looking for. This small device by Vuse comes in a metallic gray, and its metal casing is smooth and slightly cool to the touch. The Vuse Alto is all about big performance in a small package, and the device is convenient in every way imaginable.

vuse pods

In the Alto, BT company Vuse uses halo liquids. Halo is what got me started in the beginning. The charge barely lasts at all. My njoy was so much better. Save your money!!!!!!! Great seller, very Happy with product. Will be a continuing customer. Single pods are empty in about 3 hours!!! They are filled with 1. A smooth and satisfying flavor that is reminiscent of traditional tobacco Enjoy your very own Vuse Alto Menthol replacement pods!

Each pack contains two Menthol pods for you Vuse Alto and produce a mouth-to-lung vaping experience that cannot be matched! Each pod will Get a cool blast of menthol from your Vuse Alto device with these 2. Each pod has 1. Simple and easy to use, Get that signature tobacco taste with a suitable nicotine strength with Vuse Alto Golden Tobacco 1.

Coming in a 2 pack, each pod has 1. You'll find theVuse Vapor is a distinguished line of e-cigarettes created from an industry need for easy to use and affordable devices.

This system creates a hassle free vaping experience. Vuse Vapor has created these device to remove the typical learning curve of vaping. With the simplicity of each of their e-cigarettes, any smoker can become a vaper! Need help choosing which Vuse Vape is right for you? Read this guide to Vuse Vapor Products! This product is small, weighs almost The Vuse Ciro Vapor E-cig is a vaping device that is both simple and compact.

Its small form factor makes it a perfect travel vape. The size is comparable to a traditional cigarette and the hand feel is a near perfect match to an analog.

The Ciro With a simple snap and go platform, this device is straightforward. Its design is sleek and compact for easy travel. At roughly the same width as a traditional Sleek and seamless- this unit has aesthetics and power. Compact size. Big Flavor. Long-lasting battery. What more do you need to know? They are filled with 1. Each pack comes with 2 pods for your enjoyment Need the cool taste of menthol? Vuse Ciro Menthol Cartridges have you covered!

With 1.

vuse pods

Get the taste of an icy blast of menthol.Nicotine is an addictive chemical. All vape juice, vape mods, pod systems and accessories ship directly from the manufacturer or from a distributor who purchased from the manufacturer. Our promise: We believe the best products are made with you in mind.

Our process includes listening to what adult smokers and adult vapers want from an ideal vapor product. We make products that are easy to find and easy to use. This is how we deliver on our mission to reimagine vapor. Adult Signature is required for deliveries from this website.

Vuse Alto Replacement Pods

California Proposition 65 Warning Nicotine products contain a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. These products are intended for use by persons 21 or older, and not by children, women who are pregnant or breast-feeding, or persons with or at risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or taking medicine for depression or asthma.

If you have a demonstrated allergy or sensitivity to nicotine or any combination of inhalants, consult your physician before using this product.

This product is sold purely for recreational purposes — it is not a smoking cessation product and has not been tested as such. Free Shipping only applies to orders placed through www. All content, images, branding, designs, logos, and other intellectual property appearing on this Website are the respective property of the individual brands, unless otherwise stated. Questions, E-Mail: info vaperanger. This website is owned and operated by VapeRanger.

We are still open for business and processing orders! Due to the Covid outbreak, there may be delays in shipping. Create Wholesale Account. View cart. Tags: liquidpod menthol. Each pack includes two pods.

About Vuse Vapor : Our promise: We believe the best products are made with you in mind. Added to Your Cart:.With incredible beginner vape kits like the Vuse AltoSolo, and Vibe, it's easy to see why Vuse continue to be a staple in the e-cig industry. Shop our range of Vuse products below:. This is a sub-company of Reynolds American and is a recognizable brand the tobacco market across the US.

They are known for many brands of traditional cigarettes as well as their growing range of vape kits. All Vuse e-cig products and vapors are produced in North Carolina, and they have a strong presence in retail outlets as well as online.

Vuse Vapors stand out because of their high nicotine content, and this has made them popular with people quitting traditional cigarettes or who enjoy a deep, intense throat hit with every vape. The company behind Vuse is serious about maintaining the highest possible standards in every aspect of manufacturing.

The highest quality ingredients combine with the latest technology for great tasting products and the kit you need to ensure they can be enjoyed.

vuse pods

The Vuse Solo was introduced in and the sleek design and convenient cartridge system quickly made it one of the most popular devices on the market. It now comes in 6 different flavor cartridges: menthol, crema, original tobacco, chai, mint and berry.

The Vibe features a cleaner, sleeker and more modern looking device with a eGo style battery and prefilled tanks instead of cartridges. The Vibe comes in four flavors: original tobacco, mint, nectar, and melon. The Vuse Vibe is slightly heavier than the Solo, but the dimensions are very similar to the Solo.

The different Vuse Vapor products have a cig-a-like appearance which matches their high nicotine status and below is a closer look at the various flavors in the range:. Vuse Original : the classic Virginia Tobacco flavor is cleverly rendered in a satisfying and traditionally flavored vapor and available for both the Vibe and the Solo.

Vuse Mint : powerful and intense, with a stronger mint taste than the menthol vapor in the Solo range, Vuse Mint is reminiscent of freshly unwrapped chewing gum and available for the Vibe and the Solo. Vuse Berry: designed for the Solo e-cig by Vuse, this juicy berry flavored vapor stands out because of its fresh fruitiness combined with the satisfying high nicotine levels Vuse deliver.

Vuse Chai: one of the more original flavors from Vuse, Chai has a sweet Indian tea flavor with a subtle hint of milk and sugar. Vuse Crema: the name tells you what to expect from this Vuse Vapor.

Rich and indulgent, Crema is a fresh cream flavor which is mellow and a great all day vape. Vuse Nectar : a sweet summer exotic fruit inspired vape, designed for the Vuse Vibe. The simplicity of the Vuse e-cig design appeals to many vapers. It is a cig-a-like design which is popular with many different types of vape fan.

All Vape vapors and products are made in the US which also appeals to the local market and the team behind the products has dedicated time and energy to the best technology and design principles, which fans of the brand appreciate.

One of the key markets for the Vape Vapor range is those looking for no hassle nicotine satisfaction that can be found in every Vuse product. With the addition of the Vuse Alto and its user-friendly pod system design, vaping has never been easier or. Simple yet modern, the design of the Vuse e-cig makes it a very accessible choice for people new to vaping and also a convenient choice for experienced vapers.

It has a reliable design with a simple twist and click cartridge installation. The packaging and branding of all Vuse products also make them appealing, with the flavors differentiated by color and the bold Vuse logo present clearly on all products.

Close care and attention are taken in the creation of each exclusive vape juice blend and all flavors are created by experts in tobacco products. The highest quality ingredients are always used, so anyone worried about the quality of their e-liquids does not have to worry when using a Vuse e-cig.Try the Vuse Alto Golden Tobacco pods for a taste of classic tobacco flavor.

It like smoking a regular cigarette. I really enjoy the taste and the fulfillment you get from it. A good friend of mine, bought me this product from the store and I have really enjoyed it.

Bought these for my daughter after trying many different mods to help her quit smoking. This one is really working for her. She loves the flavor and how closely it resembles a cigarette. She has already slowed to two packs a week after only two weeks of the alto unit.


This might be her ticket to freedom, and it could be yours too. With the price at Vapewild you owe it to yourself to see if it is your way out of cigarette prison.

Thanks Vapewild. They are filled with 1. A smooth and satisfying flavor that is reminiscent of traditional tobacco Get that signature tobacco taste with a suitable nicotine strength with Vuse Alto Golden Tobacco 1.

Coming in a 2 pack, each pod has 1. You'll find the Vuse Alto Rich Tobacco pods are now available in 1. Great from cutting back on your nicotine consumption, these pods are both tasty and easy to use. So grab a pack and pop them Expect a smooth but intense tobacco taste on the exhale. Each Alto Enjoy your very own Vuse Alto Menthol replacement pods! Each pack contains two Menthol pods for you Vuse Alto and produce a mouth-to-lung vaping experience that cannot be matched!

Each pod will It includes products that will help you on your adventures. Get a cool blast of menthol from your Vuse Alto device with these 2. Each pod has 1.Vuse flavors are designed to screw onto your VUSE battery and are not compatible with any other brand of electronic vapor cigarette. Despite the comparatively high strength of VUSE refills 4.

Each VUSE flavor cartridge will perform differently according to use, but as a rule of thumb each of the refills should last about as long in terms of number of puffs as a pack of traditional cigarettes. You'll know when your Solo cartridge needs replacing when the vapor production begins to diminish on a fully-charged battery.

Untilflavor options were limited, with just the traditional 'Original' and 'Menthol' available. You can buy your refills for your VUSE e-cig with either Paypal or credit card, with bulk deals also available for large quantity purchases. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Refine Selection. Item removed from wishlist. Buy View Add to wishlist Item added to wishlist.

Flavor Banned Item. Flavor Options: Untilflavor options were limited, with just the traditional 'Original' and 'Menthol' available.The costs of running this huge site are paid for by ads. Please consider registering and becoming a Supporting Member for an ad-free experience.

Thanks, ECF team. Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. Search Media New Media. Log in or Sign up. E-Cigarette Forum. Tags: vuse vuse electronic cigarette. Jan 25, I am starting this thread to warn VUSE users of their product and my experiences. I have been using VUSE as an alternate vaping method for almost a year.

Mainly because I travel a lot and don't want to carry around my cloud machine. I noticed something that will probably cause you to lose your temper so brace yourselves. In December I was getting puffs from a new cartridge. Over the last few weeks that number is going down!!! After noticing this I got a new pack today and made a video of opening the refills inserting the cartridge and taking the first puff.

Guess what, after fist puff activating the new refill cartridge, puffs!!! I had one a few days ago that was puffs after installing a new cartridge. Oh and today the price of the refills go up from 5. The cartridges are crap! Been waiting over 6 weeks no coupons yet.


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