In her new introduction, she writes, "But they belittled us no end for trying to bring our so-called 'personal problems' into the public arena Our demands that men share the housework and childcare were likewise deemed a personal problem between a woman and her individual man.

Many many many other great posts linked from Bitch Lab on other feminist topics, too. Heh, this "debate about blowjobs" thing is intresting. I know I know, I was as shocked as anyone else to find out that lesbians find fellatio and penises disgusting, and while some idiot who never got over am incident of abusive sex they experienced once and has decided that, due to the wonderful combination of being frightfully dull and being too shit scared to risk being hurt again, that all sex with guys is Teh Icky and anyone who has sex with guys is trying to cozy up to the patriarchy etc…etc… Someone in there makes a good point that it's pretty hypocritical for homosexuals to deride particular heterosexual sex acts.

Hehe: I am chastened. Sex, which, along with religion, is the new religion, is sacrosanct territory. It is anti-feminist to point out the ideological problems with certain patriarchal sexbot traditions because so many women enjoy patriarchal sexbot traditions. It is, in fact, offensive to suggest that getting off has any untoward political ramifications at all. And that's supposed to be sarcastic. Cell phones are the opiate of the feminists posted by Postroad at PM on June 24, I found the first two blow job postings the only ones I read to be very sad as far as the comments went.

Post-coital tristesse, Captain? Feminism and deconstructing Patriarchy are important to me and I do a lot of thinking and self examining. Here's a thread that some of my friends had openly discussing the issue.

Sfogo verso un padre...

Here's one excerpt that I found valuable, as a male struggling with Patriarchy. Just to summarize in case people are unfamiliar, as I understand it, the difference approach seeks to redefine feminity as equal to masculinity yet retain the characteristics with which women often identify. The sameness approach seeks to reach equality by making women more like men i.

These are both fatally flawed, and MacKinnon says as much. They are both strategies that reach towards an impossible end: equality between genders. Here is why: men and women are part and parcel to each other. They are both sides of the same coin — a coin constructed to create a set of winners and a set of losers. Domination is the purpose. If domination is the key definition of maleness, and women want to be like males, except in all other senses female, what is it they are trying to add to their sense of self?

Internalized superiority. If domination is the key definition of maleness, and women want to be the same as males, what is it they are trying to shift their sense of selves to include? Both the sameness and difference approach — and, indeed, feminism as a whole — do not truly challenge the structures of gender.

They simply assert that women ought to be able to share in the domination. A heterosexual feminist society — one that maintains both genders but without hierarchy between them — is a society in which everyone is constantly trying to dominate everyone else.Invita Vilma63 a scrivere un Post!

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Laura Grimaldi Translator. Get A Copy. Paperbackpages. Published by Marco Tropea first published More Details Original Title. Isaac Sidel 1. New York State United States. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.MetaChat is an informal place for MeFites to touch base and post, discuss and chatter about topics that may not belong on MetaFilter.

Check the FAQ. Please note: This is important. They're retro-geeky-cool, and I think they're making a comeback sans, fortunately, pocket protectors and slide rules. However, my optometrist didn't have these types of frames, and when I go looking on the web, I can't find what I'm looking for. Hope me bunnies! I think you need to use the search term semi-rimlessif you want that horn trim only at the top.

Una Rosa Blu... Michele Zarrillo

My prescription sunglasses are the same kind of frames as the ones in your first link, WolfDaddy I've had them for about 15 years, and when I looked into replacing them about a year ago I wanted some more just like themthe folks at my eyeglasses place said, "Nobody makes that kind anymore. Maybe that show will bring them back, though. I hope so. My friend used to possibly still does wear similar glasses, and he almost always bought his frames in Italy which sounds hideously pretentious, I realize, but he knew cheap places there.

These Adensco frames look similar these have the frame all around, but seem close. Luxottica also may be close? And I could totally be tripping about this being a particularly Italian design, too. Also, I have no idea if FramesDirect is a reputable site, it just seemed to have a large selection. Horn-rimmed glasses come in many different styles "horn-rimmed" just means that the frames are horn or tortoishelland what you're looking for is the semi-rimless in a retro style.

Ooh, these are cute, and very close. Though again, not semi-rimless. Is that part of it important to you? Oh that actor! I just realized he was on Dynasty in the 80s. He's aged well The ones I've got have a decade-and-a-half of sweat corrosion and will, one day, dissolve into a pile of dust, I just know it. I don't mean to hijack WolfDaddy's thread, thoughTicketmaster: using student tickets without a student ID.

I already have the tickets in hand, and they say nothing about being student tickets. Will the ticket scanner verify our student IDs upon entrance? Or do I need to buy my year-old girlfriend a fake ID to see the ballet? I'm in grad school; my girlfriend is not. Next week is a prestegious expensive ballet performance that offered two educational discounts: 1.

When I called the local box office to request the code, the representative was unhelpful and rude -- through her odd, offhand comments, she essentially implied that I was a non-student trying to weasel the promo out of her illegitimately.

I was not. She was just a Debbie Downer. So I hung up and bought 2 student tickets which, ironically, required no promo code. I'm not thrilled with my little fib, but my karma police were satiated because the 2 offers were priced the same, our eligibility for the combo ticket was legitimate, the seats were the same, and, well, my customer experience sucked.

I have the tickets in hand, and they say absolutely nothing about being student tickets. They're standard "print via email" Ticketmaster tickets. But since they have the little barcode on them, I realize they could be tied into the system as student tickets, and the ticketcheckerperson might scan them and say "Hold up!

Lemme see your freakin' badges, er, IDs! If there are 10 different scanners around the building and we're all dressed in fancypants clothes, I imagine my social engineering skills might work as a fallback. But I'd like to know what I'm getting into. First off, soothe your karma. It's Ticketmaster for god's sake. But this was also over 10 years ago that I was a student.

I would simply say I forgot my ID, and that nowhere on the ticket does it state that ID is required to use. Have you checked the ticket to see if it says anything about ID in the small print? I would just be prepared to explain a shorter version of what you explained here -- their rep was uncooperative in giving you the promo code that applied, so you were forced to choose the "2 student tix" option in order to get the price that was correct.

Then just stand there and wait, as if you expect them to correct their mistake -- since, really, it is their mistake. Correct, there's nothing in the fine print about students or student IDs or anything.

It's just the standard "No Resale, We can kick you out, don't take videos" verbiage. I didupon closer examination, find that within some random looking numbers by the bar code is the term "J-STUD," which, you know, is my nickname with the ladiesbut doubtfully Ticketmaster knows this. It's not an educational event; In fact, I'm confident very few of the audience will be students.

But I have enough bad luck that I get paranoid about things like this. Nobody looks at your ticket anymore, they just aim their scanner and fire away. If the ticket isn't valid for that show, it won't work, but other than that, nobody is paying attention, or would even know about the different pricing.

You won't have any problem here. Enjoy the show. You'll be fine. Seconding sdrawkcab.

Most places don't even bother to look. They don't care. There's no black market underground for ballet tickets or is there?MetaChat is an informal place for MeFites to touch base and post, discuss and chatter about topics that may not belong on MetaFilter. Check the FAQ.

Please note: This is important. WTF is Yellow Delaney? Any of you haidz know what or who a yellow Delaney might be? On another note, this is a fine, fine album and I'll fight anyone who says no.

You're basically listening to an entire album of great singles. L "I am old, but I'm happy" T. He was a cowardly Irishman. Try "Yellow Delanie". A Google search didn't come up with much, but here somebody has the same question you do: Now, I really like the melody of the song, and I actually don't mind the lyrics; they're about some fantasy, and that's obviously his intention. But I've always wondered who or what is a yellow delanie and why the drummer has a spider dancing on his eye.

And is the chicken going to strike the spider, or what? Slack-a-gogo - I think you're neato. Right back atcha Lipstick Thespian, with a side of Yellow Delaney. Is this a sex thing? No idea what it means, LT, but that is one of my all-time favorite songs. My folks still have the vinyl. Hearing the song sends me right back to some happy childhood times. I'm very curious to find out the answer, too. The thing is, we did a search and found that there's a painter, Beauford Delaneywho's known for a series of works done primarily in the color yellow, like self-portrait and yellow abstraction.

Could Cat be referring to this?

Lisa dagli occhi blu

I'm apologizing for lack of links, but I'm lazy right now. The other images I'm seeing in the song are floral and faunal. Ooh, even better: Yellow Elder posted by occhiblu 13 December I found another reference to the painter Beauford Delaney. It's in the comments. The song seems to be about colour if it's about anything and I believe Miko is right. I built my house from barley rice Green pepper walls and water ice Tables of paper wood, windows of light And everything emptying into white.

A simple garden, with acres of sky A brown-haired dogmouse If one dropped by Yellow delanie would sleep well at night With everything emptying into white.

A sad blue eyed drummer rehearses outside A black spider dancing on top of his eye Red legged chicken stands ready to strike And everything emptying into white. I built my house from barley rice Green pepper walls and water ice And everything emptying into white posted by deborah 13 December I agree with the interpretation in lilywing's link. It also gave me a completely new understanding of the song, suggesting that it was written during an extended hospital stay, so that Cat Stevens is contrasting the muted white world of the hospital with the intense color and concreteness of the outside world.

I love when a question opens up new knowledge. Considering that's been one of my ever-favorite-comfort songs since, oh I dunno, forever, I'm kind of ashamed I've never looked into it more. That particular album was a huge part of my childhood, including the fact that my mom had a cute crush on the guy at the time. The song Into White was also a fine lullaby for my own children.

And I'm sure that some of the symbolism has bled over into my own paintings without me even being aware.The incredible collab between jacquesmariemage and alessandrosquarzi has just landed in our stores.


Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or phone Password Forgotten account? See more of Occhiblu on Facebook. Log In. Forgotten account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Ana Rujas with Polaroid sunglasses! Monica Dal Cin. Spedizione rapidaimballo perfetto e che dire dei miei nuovi Linda Farrow? See more. Check out the latest INTERLUDE model by anneetvalentin Awesome stuff from the Parisian designer now in store and online interlude anneetvalentin eyewear optical paris france otticaocchiblu piazzadellaborsa viasanlazzaro trieste.

This new maxmara sunglass really follows the summer trend Come check it out in store and online maxmara sunglass cateye eyewear otticaocchiblu summer viasanlazzaro piazzadellaborsa trieste italy. Grab the most fashionable cat eye sunglass by dolcegabbana In store and online dolcegabbana cateye sunglass eyewear otticaocchiblu piazzadellaborsa viasanlazzaro trieste italytravel. Grab the most fashionable cat eye sunglass by dolcegabbana In store and online dolcegabbana cateye sunglass eyewear otticaocchiblu piazzadellaborsa viasanlazzaro trieste italy.

The incredible collab between jacquesmariemage and alessandrosquarzi has just landed in our stores Dealan Hickory x Alessandro Squarzi jacquesmariemage alessandrosquarzi sunglass dealan hickory collab otticaocchiblu piazzadellaborsa viasanlazzaro trieste italy.


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