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Although I didn't have my best race, this beautiful, flat course has serious PR potential. You'll start running through the heart of Philly before heading out along the river for a few miles. The only downside to the beautiful river views is that there isn't a lot of crowd support, which is always helpful in the later miles of a race.

Beyond the course, Rock'n'Roll always puts on a good race. Things were well organized, aid stations were aplenty, and the post race swag is on point. I walked this race with my Mom, and we both had a great time.

The out and back course is really lovely. You start out by the Washington Monument fountain, run or walk like we did along the Schuylkill River and end with a quick uphill by the Rocky Steps. The race is organized in a way that makes it easy for runners to run the 5K and then loop back around to do the 10K, too, if they so choose.

Rock'n'Roll always has great swag at the end of the race. There were bananas, hummus, chips, and soft pretzels because apparently Philly is known for their pretzels.

They should give out bags for all that post-race swag! I would definitely do this race again and would love to run it.

In good weather conditions it'd be a fast course! I had a blast at this race despite the intense humidity and horrible allergies I was suffering from. I forgot to bring my headphones, but the bands at every mile kept me entertained. The coolest part of the race is running toward the downtown skyline as you approach the finish line. It's almost magical. The course is relatively flat, making it pretty good for a PR if the weather cooperates.

Rock'n'Roll always does a great job with organization and race swag, however, I did feel like the aid stations could have been more frequent. This net-downhill race isn't as easy as I heard it would be, but it did help me land a new half marathon PR.

The expo was fun and well organized, and the race swag is awesome lots of cool goodies from 3M. The porta potty lines at the start were a complete mess, but otherwise the race was well organized. You line up with your pace vs. I ran with a pace group for the first time and didn't feel crowded in by a pack of runners.

The end of the race is energized, which really helped me push through the final miles. The medal is also one of the coolest I own. If you're looking for a flat, PR-able course, San Antonio has it. However, be warned, the course is pretty boring. There's ample crowd support near the start, finish and by the Alamo, but otherwise it's few and far between.Robyn is very excited to be establishing her practice in Augusta. She looks forward to providing women with excellent health care throughout all stages of their life.

Robyn is married to Michael Drinkwater who is currently completing his residency in Anesthesiology at Medical College of Georgia. They chose to remain in Augusta in order to be close to family. They have one child, Kinsley. He went to St. He is board certified and is a fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

nicole drinkwater

He moved to Augusta in to practice Obstetrics and Gynecology, to be closer to family. He believes in treating the individual as a whole and enjoys pregnancy care as well as gynecologic surgery. His surgical interests include laparoscopic surgery, procedures for abnormal bleeding, pelvic floor repair and incontinence surgeries, vaginal surgery and DaVinci Robotic Surgery. Allan is married to Klara Joseph, and they have two children, Mia and Steven.

His interests include travelling, scuba diving, watching movies, triathlons and other sports. He is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology since and a Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. He is past chairman of the department of ob-gyn and Chief-of-Staff at Trinity Hospital.

In he was honored by the American College of Ob-Gyn for his innovative patient education program for menopause. Eaker sees and treats all gynecological problems, such as fibroids, pain, infertility, surgery and bioidentical hormone treatment. Responding to the needs of his own patients, in Dr. His greatest asset, other than his faith in God, is his wife Susan and his two daughters.

When he is not working, speaking, sleeping or eating, he is running, having completed over forty marathons, including San Francisco, Chicago and Boston Marathons.

I enjoy being able to provide all aspects of medical care for my patients from primary care to surgery, if needed. By being able to care for patients through primary care, pregnancy and gynecologic problems, I am able to form long -term relationships developed through this depth of comprehensive care. I love the variety of the specialty and the relationships I have with my patients. I believe in having an open dialogue with my patients from the beginning.Melbourne, FL. Nikki Drinkwater is 35 years old.

She lives in Beulaville, NC. She has also lived in Tucson, AZ. Titusville, FL. Shirley, NY. Buffalo, NY. Nicole Drinkwater, age 19 View Full Report.

Nicole Drinkwater, age 25 View Full Report. Nicole Drinkwater View Full Report. Nicole Drinkwater. We Found Nicole Drinkwater. Nicola Drinkwater - nicola. Nicole Drinkwater - nicole. Nic Drinkwater - nic.

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nicole drinkwater

Powered by MyBB Version 5. Linear Mode. Threaded Mode. Remember me. Lost Password? She is very attractive.Pro-bono Campaign. Branding, Website, Video, Posters. The Challenge: Project Girl Performance Collection is an empowering, all-girls theater group dedicated to spreading awareness about the issues affecting girls around the world.

They create and perform shows that are honest, raw, and truly inspiring, but their branding was all over the place. They needed a consistent look and feel in order to get their message out into the world.

We designed a logo, built out a website, and created posters and PSAs to showcase their talents, spread their message and help girls everywhere be heard. A new website helped each girl tell her story and became a hub for information and ticket sales. Posters were created for the girls to share and promote their shows.

We also worked with the girls to create a trailer for their first show after the rebranding, 9MM America. Girl Be Heard.

Branding, Website, Video, Posters The Challenge: Project Girl Performance Collection is an empowering, all-girls theater group dedicated to spreading awareness about the issues affecting girls around the world. Play Video.When you know to walk away.

Use our tips and tools to keep your betting well played. View video transcriptsWe encourage a balanced approach to gambling by providing practical tips on how to gamble responsibly. This information should not replace or be considered as an alternative to professional advice.

If you need help, please call Gambler's Help on 1800 858 858. This service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is free and confidential. Staying in control Signs of harm Gambling calculator We encourage a balanced approach to gambling by providing practical tips on how to gamble responsibly.

Set money and time limits and stick to them. Keep track of your spend. Sticking to limits means you'll have more time and money to do other things you enjoy, like going on a holiday with your family, or buying something you want.

Set your budget and take only that amount of cash with you, leaving your bank cards at home. Gambling can be an expensive form of entertainment.

If you want to spend less take a look at our tools for money management. Keep your gambling an enjoyable activity by taking regular breaks. When you take a break, try to leave the gambling area rather than just the table, pokie machine or screen.

Taking breaks is a fantastic way to allow you some extra reflection time on whether you should keep gambling. When catching up with friends, make sure it's not always about gambling.

nicole drinkwater

The way you behave can influence your friends. By not putting off your friends for a flutter, you can help them do the same. Gambling is often seen as a social activity but it's important to make sure you maintain balance with other leisure activities, hobbies or interests in your life. Alcohol can also cloud your judgement, so keep your drinks in check too.

Share Back to top Fight for the real you Social media Disclaimer Privacy Copyright Sitemap Accessibility Contact Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation The foundation acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Custodians of the land and acknowledges and pays respect to their Elders, past and present.

Full time result : Is the betting selection of the 90 min result of the game and can be 1 ( home team win ) X ( Draw ) 2 ( Away team win )Over and under 2,5 or 3,5 goals : Is the betting selection about the total number of goals in one game. Half time- Full time : Is the selection of double result in one game.

The first sign is for the first half and the second for the full time. Foe Exb Man utd -stoke X-1 HT-FT. That mean that our selection is the game first half result to be DRAW and the full time result to be Man utd WIN. GG OR NG : GG means that both of the teams will score in the game and NG means that one or both of the teams will not score in the game. DNB : That means DRAW NO BET. If we select 1 DNB that mean that if the home team win we WIN if the result is DRAW we take back our stake and if the away team win we lose.

If we select 2 DNB that mean that if the Away team win we WIN if the result is DRAW we take back our stake and if the home team win we lose. DC ( Double Chance ) : 1X (DC ) mean that we win if home team win or if we have a draw. If the away win we lose. X2 (DC) mean that we win if Away team win or if we have a draw.Wheatley-Schaller, 28, is one half of the pair who cracked the code to the Pregame database. Last June, he was looking through older picks on Pregame when he noticed that the entire grading system had changed.

The same goes for bets placed on the first half of a game.

nicole drinkwater

The tout has to load a full-game play and then specify in the write-up that it is not for the whole game. If these are incorrectly graded as wins, the tout has to ask tech support to manually re-grade the play. I found plenty of examples where touts never amended winners to losers, or they did so only after pressure from Contrarianville. On October 10, 2015, for instance, Fezzik sold a first-half college football bet on Miami, a four-point underdog.

Miami covered the full-game spread, however, so the Pregame system incorrectly auto-graded the first-half play as a win. They were actually two-point favorites. There had been no move. I was probably a career 55-percent capper over there. Stephen Nover, a former Las Vegas newspaperman and radio host, has done exactly that at Pregame on at least 41 picks, according to the Pregame data and a pick-by-pick analysis of one watchdog.

In June 2014, Nover released a bet on Giants-Padres at 1:46 in the morning Pacific Time. Five hours earlier, sportsbooks had taken the game off the board because of the scratch of one of the starting pitchers. Selling picks in six or more sports, plus different bets in each, plus the ability to segregate plays by the number of units, gives touts dozens of options from which to advertise on any given day.

So the more touts an operation can employ, the more chances it has of digging up streaks to push. Few outfits are as large as Pregame. We wanna create special packages around that level of hotness. He saw that his talents lay in selling those who sell picks. After he graduated from Ohio State University, Bell has claimed, he was accepted into Harvard Law School but passed it up and moved to Las Vegas instead. An oft-repeated claim by Bell is that he graduated valedictorian of his class with a Finance degree.

According to the university, Bell graduated summa cum laude with a B. Bell was a recipient of a Pace Setter award, which honors top business students. He said he has now removed it. If he was able to earn a living as a full-time bettor, his performance as a pick-seller at Pregame offers little support.

Bell sold 30 picks from October 2008 through March 2010. Eight months after his final sale, he came out of retirement to offer a freebie in college-football: Army as an eight-point underdog against Notre Dame.


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