221g for h4

Forgot your password? Hi guys. I am giving my details below:. VO comment : We need to do additional processing and it will take weeks. Color of g : BLUE. Any other info would like to share:. And helpful to us and others. Any other info would like to share: H1B renewal.

My details are:. Please let me know when you do hear anything back from the consulate. I was given G for administrative processing. I was asked to submit my resume, and description of my research in biotechnology by email - which I submitted on the same day as my interview. I have been living in the US for the past several years as a student, I completed my undergraduate and my masters degrees in the US.

Hi I was asked for no additional documents, it was H1B renewal for me. Any other info would like to share: VO called my client and Employer after 10 min of interview. What I heard is yellow slips will be cleared quickly than Blue. Yellow slip just needs confirmation from your client, but blue needs clearance from several agencies.

Still waiting for a response. Today in morning got an email from embassy to submit my passport. So in total they took 17 business days to clear g and roughly a month if you include all weekends and other holidays. I heard for g they are issuing visa less than the petition end date. Shuchigupta - good to hear that, congrats! Let us know how many days it takes to get your passport back, should be just days I think.

I can't believe they are doing background security only because someone has done Masters from US. I just want to know find out how safer for H1B renewal. On top of that, sometime technical issues with DS form. EVC model where they need more verification.

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221g for h4

It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. All posts are moderated, so it will take time for your post to appear! Search In. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted July 8, VO comment : We need to do additional processing and it will take weeks 7.I did NOT receive any form g or any other document whatsoever. Why is it in Administrative processing then? This is pretty common question in this situation. Admin processing is the normal status and could mean multiple things with or without form g.

A new type of admin processing is on the rise at US embassy when they issue form DS to go through your last 15 year travel history and residence addresses. If your visa was approved and no form g was issued, then you can expect your stamped passport within working days.

No need to worry. It is possible that US embassy has not issued form g but the status will still show as admin processing on CEAC website. This person worked for direct US employer full time. This H1B visa stamping was done just after H1B transfer approval in premium.

They now ask following questions:. Problem as analysed by person himself and attorney : In this case, this person forgot to tell one of his address that he lived in USA to VO officer. VO did not tell this to the person but instead, just issued a form g with no documents to submit. Form g may be issued even if there are no extra documents required from you. Usually, the documents list is printed by default and the visa officer will cross it down. The is the the real email that was sent.

I must say that attorney was really smart in this case and took fast decision and really helped the candidate.

Visa Approved Status Admin Processing, Form 221g Solution

The person had his H1B visa approved in 7 straight days including weekends. If the visa officer is not satisfied with your answers or you are working in an EVC Employer Vendor Client model with H1B visa, the chances are high for request for more documents. You will have to stay back in Mexico or Canada if your case gets into Admin processing. It may take days to get your passport with stamped US visa.

You should not book your travel tickets with fixed dates if you do get form g as there are no fixed timelines. If your passport has been returned by US visa officer after interview and a form g was issued, then the chances are very high that your case processing will take at-least 6 or more weeks.

You will get an email to submit the passport again as and when the US embassy is ready to stamp your US visa. Once you submit the passport again, you can expect to get stamped passport back in days. It is important to keep a buffer of at-least 3 weeks after US visa interview these days if you are going for visa interview especially H1B and L1 visas.Posted By: Admin July 20, During the Interview, the decision is made based on how the questions were answered and the documents provided. If your visa is rejected, you will get a form with a refusal reason.

Most of the refusal cases received a g form. Refusal under Section g of the Immigration and Nationality Act means that essential information or documents is missing from an application. Visa approval can sometimes be kept on hold for various reasons, such as administrative processing, requirement of additional documents, medical tests, insufficient validity of passport, etc.

There are different reasons for refusal under g section and the visa officer will give a color coded form. Embassy uses a specific color coding for each form to indicate the type of g and the form has instructions to be followed and documents necessary to be provided by the applicants for further processing of their visa application.

The following are the color codes and the explanation of what each color means:.

3 Reasons Your 221g Was Refused

Blue Slip: A g Blue slip is given when the additional documentation is required. After submitting the required documents, a decision will be taken by the Consulate. Pink Slip: A g Pink slip is handed out when your application needs further administrative processing. The consulate will notify you once the processing is done. This form is most likely issued when the Visa Officer is doubtful about your current employer or work related information.

You will be given a reference id and you can track the status online. Yellow Slip: A g Yellow slip denotes general type of administrative processing. The Consulate looks at all the documentation provided by the candidate and the employer. The g provides all the necessary instructions to be followed during this process of documents submission. Once the documents have been submitted, you need to wait to hear back from the U. It is very difficult to tell how long a person needs to wait.

It differs from case to case. You need to make sure all the documents are submitted properly, so that there will be no delay in your processing.

You can also track using your case number on the corresponding Consulate website, where you attend your visa interview. I applied for a B2 visa and had the interview, the officer did not ask me for any documents, He just asked me several questions and I feel I answered them correctly and consistently.

He said that he believed me and he gave me a blue slip that said. Thank you, and have a wonderful visit to the united states.

Nonimmigrant Visa Unit U. QN: Does this mean I stand a chance of getting the visa? Hi I attended the visa interview on Oct 23 Then even took my new amendment petition receipt notice.

221g for h4

I submitted all the required details and after 10 months I got a letter from consulate saying that I have failed to present documents required in connection with visa application and the petition is being returned to USCIS for review with the recommendation to be revoked and if the USCIS revoke the petition the beneficiary may become ineligible for a visa under a 6 c i.

I did not take any action after that.As part of the visa interview process, they often issue g form, when they want to do additional processing and cannot make the decision at the time interview is being conducted. When the US consulate officer determines that additional processing is required before they can make the decision on your US visa issuance, they issue g form. It is a basically a piece of paper and it can be in various colors, depending on the consulate and processing they would like to do or information they need to verify.

A person can be put under administrative processing,also called as g, because of several reasons. Some of the most common reasons are:. Once your visa stamping case is put under administrative processing using g, following steps happen:.

View g Cases by added by community. Please add your g Case for everyone's benefit. It is fully anonymous and will help many waiting for it like you. There is no set timeline or SLA for g processing. It totally depends on the case and it can take as little as a week, or as much as several months.

It is very hard to know how much time it will take for them to come to a decision on your visa stamping case. See below. As per US Dept of State, unless it is an emergency like injury, death of family member or something critical, you should not contact them regarding administrative processing before Days.

See below from Dept of State website. As per US Dept of state guidance, you cannot reach out before days, but users can still track their case online using the options provided and sometimes, they can call as well. Below are the various options to follow-up on your g case :. Do you need help from community in same boat with g? Join the Telegram Group Give or get advice Absolutely no premium processing or way to expedite the process, unless it is an emergency as indicated. You just need to wait.

The wait can be long, but it is what it is…. Not necessarily.

221g for h4

Unfortunately, administrative processing takes time, and one needs to remain hopeful. In case the US stamping request is rejected after the administrative processing:. Again, this is a very lengthy process and can take time. Some of these steps would happen during the administrative processing as well. Also, you can check out our g tracker that has anonymous data with users like you, who added the details for community benefit.

It is fully anonymous. Please add your case to the g Tracker.US visa officers have started asking about your marriage ceremony in H4 visa interview to check if full wedding has been conducted. They are looking for authentic pictures with your relatives and friends from your public marriage function. You should be very careful as U. Consulates consider partial marriage ceremony as fraud, misrepresentation and a serious offence of human smuggling.

This can result in permanent ban to enter US. The visa officer may consider your marriage as partial even if you register under Indian law and procure a legal marriage certificate from the local government authority unless the full ceremony has been conducted. He may ask you questions to check the validity of the marriage.

Visa Approved Status Admin Processing, Form 221g Solution

US Visa officers have been trained to understand the Indian marriage culture and can smell fraud with ease. Since the marriage certificate can be easily fabricated in India with bribe, US consulate relies more on real marriage photos and other such proofs in addition to marriage certificate.

H4 visa documents checklist. The future husband is working in US on H1B visa. He plans to visit India for 3 weeks to get married with Indian girl. You plan to do a small ceremony at home and exchange wedding rings. Then, you register the marriage and get a government signed marriage certification. You now attend the H4 visa interview in second week along with H1B primary. The full marriage ceremony with all relatives, friends and others is planned after H4 visa interview.

There is a good chance that your marriage will be seen with suspicion of alien trafficking for money. You may be issued a blue form g to submit your marriage photo album with photos with your relatives attending the marriage. See this recent case blue form g for H4 case reported on our forum exactly same as the example that i have talked about:. All this was normal and acceptable earlier but with the current level of security, US embassy is leaving no stone un-turned to check the legitimacy of marriages.

Another case on our forum where the H4 visa was stamped and then it was explicitly revoked by US embassy within 30 days with the reason that new information was available. The reason for revocation is not clear but it was the quick marriage and then H4 visa application in India that may have sparked a doubt.

Visa officer had doubt on marriage and issued blue form g.People planning to visit the United States usually have to undergo a visa interview process before they are allowed to enter the country.

221g for h4

The interview process takes place at a US embassy or consulate in your home country or the country you are currently in. During the interview, all your documents and information will be reviewed and you will be questioned about the reasons you are traveling to the United States.

This interview puts many in a panic because the United States has a strict reputation for letting immigrants into the country. However, you do not need to fret if you have all your documents and story in place to tell your interviewer at the embassy. Make sure to review your documents and rehearse what you are going to say before going into your interview. You want to be prepared! For tips on getting through this interview with ease, check out other articles on our site about successfully completing your US visa process interview.

Once the foreign service officers have checked all your documents, they decide whether your visa will be approved or rejected. In other cases, you might be issued a g, which is the request for additional information to verify your case. If you are issued a g, you are neither rejected or accepted from getting a visa to enter the United States. A g does not mean you are ineligible to go into the United States so do not feel offended if it ends up happening to you.

The only thing the g does is place you on hold to request additional information from you about your visa process. There are three primary reasons why the officer at the embassy or consulate will issue you a g refusal:. If you come from another religion or work in an industry which is in the technology alert list TALyou might be put under review by the consulate. Industries in the TAL include people working in engineering, pharma or biotech. If this is the case for you, you might have to go through extra background checks on your family or employment history.

The United States will usually do an extra employment check if you work in a consultancy that is hard to define. This extra check is to dig in a little deeper to what exact work and projects you are currently working on. In this case, the g simply puts your visa processing on hold until all information has been updated.

Get the complete guide to the g Refusals. Enter your email to gain instant access to the our complete guide to g refusals in the U. Now that the Department of State has issued you a g, they will issue you a slip with an assigned case number to your stamping. Usually, the case number starts with the year your interview took place and is followed by your assigned case number.

Depending on your case, you will have to submit the respective documents needed to get through your visa application process. You will have the option to submit your documents electronically or at the VFS dropbox. Once you have submitted all the required documents, it is time to wait to see if your visa will be approved or not.There can any number of reasons for issuing form g by US embassy and some can be really un-heard of.

There are no tricks to avoid form g that can work in all cases. It all depends on your visa paperwork and what the visa officer asks in your interview.

We have collected a list of most common reasons for form g which you can use to avoid form g. Recently, a person was issued form g and asked to submit the details of CBP encounter at US port of entry. This person had paid the fine for not declaring the food items that he was carrying from India. US embassy system may flag your name for security checks if you have changed your residence address every year in past.

Usually, the person who is moving too often is considered to be involved in suspicious activities and hence need to go through security checks. This is what was shared to us by a reliable source who has gone through these Identity checks based on US address twice in his last two H1B visa stamping at New Delhi.

Administrative Processing? Here Are 6 Reasons Why Your Case Is In AP!

Both times, he was issued white form g with no more documents to submit but was asked about his addresses in last 15 years while interviewing. The chances are very high to get a form g if you are working in a small IT consulting company with employees.

The person was told that he will have to appear for one more followup Interview after he was given the white form g after first interview.

3 Reasons Your 221g Was Refused

The second interview appointment was scheduled by embassy officials automatically and an email was sent. USCIS may or may not contact your employer directly in these cases.

If your employer does not share these documents with you, the chances of your visa approval are very low. Some people have reported that they received Yellow slip at the end of H1B interview in New Delhi Consulate asking to submit I along with end client letter in pdf format.

The visa process is common for people after H1B lottery selection with consular processing. Day 1 CPT cases have very chances of visa denial after form g.

Visa officer specifically asked if she has ever been out of status on F1, which she denied. The officer said that there is an issue with her SEVIS record and her visa is approved but will that up to 15 days for administrative processing. After 10 days of admin processing, she started creating service request, stating that she had work, home and an outbound flight, which always resulted in same reply to contact after 60 days.

She had to convert her outbound flight to an open ticket. Her employer also asked her to go on unpaid leave. Luckily, she was able to get permission to work remotely. University informed that had done everything and closed the file when she moved to H1B. After 93 days of waiting on admin processing, the status changed finally to visa issued. Some people have received blue form g and were asked to submit documents to prove that they filed the H1B transfer before their i94 expiry.

This kind of status checks are done when you have filed multiple extension, amendment or transfer applications without getting approvals on any one specific application. You will need to submit your H1B receipt i forms if they were still pending or approval iC is they were approved. You can expect a form g if you have filed H1B visa stamping request based on your previously approved petition but answer questions related to your client and work location with pending H1B Amendment.

The most important point to note is that your H1B visa stamp cannot be approved with pending amendment. Here is the case where US embassy refused H1B visa stamping with pending amendment using yellow form g.

I suggest to wait for approval and then go for stamping if you have already started working as per new location for new client in US. Your employer did not file an H1B amendment after your promotion to IT project manager, then you are asking for trouble in your next visa stamping.

This person was handed over form g by New Delhi US consulate and was asked to submit following documents as he was trying to get H1B visa stamp using approved H1B i prior to his promotion. You have high chance of getting a form g issued for your H1B or L visa job if you are working in a technology that is related to Nuclear technol. On the contrary, some people working in MEP mechanical, electrical and plumbing have been issued form g and a possible H1B revocation at the time of H1B visa interview.

You would not believe that people who have gone for their first time H1B visa stamping have been issued form g and asked to submit W2 at Hyderabad US consulate.


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